Monuments of My Town

Author: Milan Živančević (1990), 2nd grade of Smederevo High School, Smederevo

Abstract: Memorial charnel-house which is situated on the old cemetery in Smederevo, today represents one of most important historical monument in Smederevo. It was built in 1942 in memory of those who died in the explosion of ammunition on 5th of June, 1941. Many citiziens died in this explosion in Smederevo fortress and bigger part of city infrastructure was damaded. After this explosion the situation in the city was very bad and demends initation of especially city management. New town managemnet beter known as Emergency Commission of the Restoration of Smederevo of which Dimitrije Ljotic was president, had organisied life in town and big works on reconstruction of a town. The decision to build unique memorial charnel-house was made parallel with reconstruction of a town. This works were done in hard years of war and they were followed with many problems. But by advocacy of Commission and workers, works on memorial charnel-house were finished before the end of war. Memorial charnel-house was built in serbian-byzantic style according to the project by Aleksandar Deroko. The aim of this research paper was to explore process of making decision about the building, organisation and precedure building memorial charnel-house. By analyses the results of researching, it is possible to make picture of situation in Smederevu during The Second World War.

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Author: Ivan Simić (1987), 3rd grade Valjevo high school, Valjevo

Abstract: The paper deals with planning, organization of erection and unveiling of the monument of Žikica Jovanović Španac in Valjevo. The analyzed archival sources and press reports were supplemented by interviews with people involved in the events. Examined were the idea to erect the monument, the organization of works, preparations for the unveiling ceremony and unveiling of the monument. Depicted were the ideas which led the Valjevo political officials and the way these ideas were realized. Political, cultural and social life of Valjevo at the time it experienced its economic peak were analyzed through the erection and unveiling of the monument.

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