Life and Times of a Labour Camp Prisoner

Author: Vladimir Vujović (1991), 3rd grade „Niko Rolović“ high school, Bar

Abstract: The paper looks back at captivity of Pavle Vujović and the time he spent in prisons and concetration camps in Montenegro, Italy and Germany from 1942 to 1945. The main source used in this paper is unpublished memoirs of Pavle Vujović himself (handwritten manuscript of 1989) in which he described his days of captivity. Paper tells about the location, look and appearance and state of those concentration camps in which Pavle Vujović was. It was also very important to find out what were relationships between prisoners and their guards in camps (as well as between prisoners and local population) like. Apart from this source, an interview with Vojislav Sjekloća, who was with Pavle Vujović from the Colfiorito camp days until the very end of his captivity, has also been used in paper. There is not much literature which is useful for this subject (especially when we are speaking about actual concentration camps in Montenegro), however there are two books by Dragutin Ivanović, which deal with the Montenegrin partisans who were captured at the begining of the War and, after they were judged, transported to Italy and later to Germany.

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